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Why use our services?

One must avail services from “MedGlobe” because:

  • MedGlobe offers services in the areas of medical & legal transcription, providing the utmost in quality and turnaround time, in accordance with the Health Information Privacy Act for all medical information.

  • By effectively harnessing the capabilities of the Internet, MedGlobe brings to you efficient service at competitive rates.

  • MedGlobe assures you the utmost in CONSISTENT quality, reliability and fast turnaround of reports.

  • MedGlobe offers a significant cost savings over current transcription models, including in-house transcription models.

  • MedGlobe requires NO upfront costs or additional capital investment.

  • With MedGlobe, all it takes is a phone call to get started.

  • MedGlobe offers a solution with no human resource problems or dependability issues for today’s busy professionals.

  • MedGlobe offers a high level of data security through the use of security layers along with data encryption
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